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TiFs ERiK von DeTTeN SiTe
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Erik News/Gossip

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Erik News

Cara from So Weird is leaving!

(Script)I heard that she doesn't want to hurt her family because of the weird stuff she sees on tour with her family. So she moves in with her aunt. Tune in on So Weird and check it out.

Cara De Lizia was replaced by Annie.

Have some more information on So Weird please contact me and tell me whats going on.

Well it looks like to me..I got this info from one of my friends..So Weird will be cancelled with no fourth season because of slow ratings.

Thank you for the info:
"Jean Austin D. Rodriguez" <>

He is doing a movie called Princess Diaries... August 3rd!

-Erik von Detten:
Q.Is Erik going out with Mandy Moore?
A. Erik is NOT going out with Mandy Moore and he never was. He is going out with someone else and she is going out with someone as well.

Q.Erik is going out with an actress? This is what I've heard from two girls that have e-mailed me. If you know anything about this please give me an e-mail!
A.Erik is going out with someone but she is NOT an actress

Q.Another thing going around. Erik von Detten was in RMS Queen Mary? I'm not sure if this is a real movie.. or not. But if anyone knows about this... please e-mail me. I will be contacting FOX Family about this movie.
A. Not yet confirmed

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