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Kyle Witter~Erik von Detten
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Kyle Interviews

Latest News..

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I was able to get a special interview with Kyle Witter himself. Check out what he had to say:

What do you like best about being in a movie? The Special effects

Tell me about the movie- Its about a rich sucessful family that goes on a cruise the carribean to find happiness, "but only find their ultimate fate."

What do you think of the cast? They are all pretty cool, most of us get along, but everyone has their days, (laughs)

Do you fit in your chatacter's shoes? Not really, I am not a "movie star", and I personally think I don't act like a snobby celebrity. So, no.

What scene out of the whole movie do you like best? A scene right before we get in the accident, and its just so dramtic, its one of those scenes where you will be on the edge of your seat. (laughs)

What do you plan on doing in the future? I want to direct and write, I dont think I could actually write the whole thing, but I would like to come up with the idea for a screen play.

Ever thought of doing another tv movie? They are okay, but I would really like to do a series or a big budget production. Because you have more time to do a "movie theater movie."

Los Angeles-Super hunk Leonardo DiCaprio, who was going to STAR a '00 series called "Two guys a Girl and a Geography Teacher," surprised Hollywood insiders yesterday by selecting a relative unknown to play the role of Rick, made famous by Macualy Culkin.

"I had planned to play the role myself," said DiCaprio, "but I know Kyle Witter from when I was going to buy his $2.9 MILLION Mansion in 1999!"

Witter is a Hollywood newcomer whose only previous acting experience was in school pageants and community theater in New London, Ohio.

"Leonardo and me, Christa Brooks, Kyle's agent, did lunch at Skyler while he was filming 'This Teens Life,' in Long Beach." said Brooks. "I told him he would do the film only if he let me pick either Maculay Culkin or Erik von Detten. True to his word, he got both for me."

Filming will start this summer. "I know my limits," DiCaprio said. "I don't mind stepping aside for a better man. Kyle Will Make this show a hit." Auditions will be held in London for the London filming in Febuary.